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Your support

Individuals, institutions, companies and businesses can contribute to the life of the Museum by supporting its activities and projects, purchasing works that will enrich its heritage or financing the restoration of assets belonging to the museum collections or to the municipal patrimony in the Museum’s care.

The Museum offers visibility and publicity to all its supporters, based on the needs and specific requests of the supporter.

Among the various forms of support, it is possible to rent exhibition spaces for private events, such as meetings, conferences, gala dinners or business lunches. The use of exhibition spaces must be compatible with the normal operating hours and may be enhanced with cultural activities such as guided visits or live music.

Support of the Museum’s projects, events and activities can take various forms

  • Direct acquisition or financing of assets / restoration can be carried out by individuals, associations or businesses who, in agreement with the Museum directorship, identify one or more works to donate to be restored. In this case, the donor does not benefit from financial advantages, but can nonetheless agree upon appropriate publicity.

  • Charitable donations for the execution of institutional duties and the development of cultural programs and projects - D.P.R. 917/1986 (T.U.I.R) art. 100, letter m; D.M. 3.10.2002, art. 1, letter a. Charitable donations are sums or assets given by a donor (an individual or a business) to an institution in support of non-profit activities in the public interest, which provides donors with financial benefits in the form of tax deductions. IRPEF/IRES.

  • The “Art bonus” is a specific form of charitable donation, introduced by the law 106/2014, in order to promote the patronage of cultural heritage. It provides donors (individuals or businesses) with a tax credit, that is, a deduction from taxable income equal to 65% of the total money donated for particular purposes: maintenance, protection and restoration of public cultural assets; financial support of publicly owned cultural institutes and places (e.g. museums, libraries, archives, archaeological areas and parks, monuments, as defined by article 101 of the Code of cultural assets and landscape of Legislative Decree 22/01/2004 n. 42)

Those who support the Civic Museum of Modena through financing or direct acquisitions, charitable donations or the Art Bonus, in addition to enjoying legal financial incentives and other benefits, become part of the


thus associating their name with one of the oldest cultural institutions in the city. Supporters may also organize events in the exhibition halls of the Museum under special conditions, including a supporter’s discount of 50% off of the normal fee.

Sponsorship and partnership

The Civic Museum of Modena can also be supported through SPONSORSHIP by businesses. In addition to providing the sponsor with visibility (regulated by a specific contract), the cost of sponsorship is tax deductible, and therefore financially advantageous for the sponsor. Because expenses incurred fall into the category of publicity and promotion (art. 108 D.P.R. 917/1986 – T.U.I.R), they are fully deductible in the fiscal year in which they were incurred or on a straight-line basis in the same fiscal year and the four following.

Crowdfunding campaigns

In the interest of fostering community involvement and encouraging active participation in initiatives, the Civic Museum promotes crowdfunding campaigns dedicated to special projects.