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Our mission

 The museum is in the city and the city is in the museum


The Civic Museum expresses and represents the identity of Modena and of its community in its exhibition halls and through the cultural heritage found throughout the city and the surrounding area.


It is committed to safeguarding the archaeological and historical-artistic heritage of the area and respects the 19th century display set-up that is the result of its founders’ intentions and subsequent revisions.


It is a custodian of the city’s historical memory, which it renews over time to reflect changes in the community and its enduring relationship with it.


It offers a place for examining and developing the city’s identity in a societal context that is profoundly different from the one that promoted the creation of the Civic Museum in 1871.


The museum is always new


The Civic Museum guarantees accessibility to the public and the scientific community and supports the continual rediscovery of our cultural heritage through research, promotion and participation.


It promotes networks and collaborations and plays an important role of cultural mediation between the scientific community and the public, sharing through various means and in terms that are suited to the numerous people with which it engages, the knowledge and expertise that it continually expands and renews.


It responds to the challenges of today’s world, proudly adhering to the sustainable development goals (SDG) set in the UN’s Agenda 2030, which the Museum promotes through its choices and activities.