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Photographic reproductions

The Civic Museum’s photographic archive is constantly growing, thanks to the photographic campaigns and the ongoing research and enhancement projects that go hand in hand with life at the institution. The archive boasts an enormous collection of photographs in digital format, color transparencies and prints.


Archaeological and ethnological collections

17,000 digitalized images of archaeological digs and comparison material, 15,000 black and white prints, 10,000 color photographs and slides, in addition to a series of documentary and educational images.

Contact person:


Art and craftsmanship collections and UNESCO site of Modena

18,000 digitalized images of works of art and craftsmanship and of the city, in particular the Duomo, the Ghirlandina, the Palazzo and the Teatro Comunale, churches and city monuments.

20,000 black and white prints, 10,000 color photographs and slides.

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Digital reproductions request

Some of our images are issued in CC BY-SA or other types of license; unless otherwise indicated, requests for digital reproductions must be addressed to Museum management by filling out the online form:


Photo shoots, filming and reproductions

To do a photo shoot or film a video with professional equipment, or to make copies of artwork and artifacts, a written request with explanation must be submitted to Museum management.


For more information: +39 059 203 3122

In the archaeology exhibition hall and in the Roman Lapidarium, where material that is property of the state is displayed, filming and photographing groups of items is permitted, but for single items belonging to the state authorization must be requested from the Superintendence through the Museum.