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UNESCO World heritage site of Modena

Added to the list of World Heritage sites in 1997, the Modena UNESCO site includes the Cathedral, the Ghirlandina Tower and Piazza Grande and surrounding buildings, in particular the Palazzo arcivescovale (Archbishop palace) and the Palazzo comunale (Municipal palace).


Characterized by an inseparable intertwining of religious and civic values, it was recognized by UNESCO as a monumental asset in that it is a remarkable example of Romanesque art and an early expression of urban civilization. It belongs partly to the Municipality of Modena and partly to the religious institution Basilica del Duomo. Since the Middle Ages, the complex has been the true cornerstone of city life and today attracts an ever-increasing number of tourists.


An agreement between the authorities concerned with its management (Municipality, Diocese, Region, Superintendence) entrusts the coordination to the Municipality of Modena, which carries it out through the Civic Museum of Modena. Activities are organized in collaboration with the city and tourism Promotion Service and the Cathedral Museums, which contribute in particular to the realization of the educational project “At school with UNESCO,” which offers schools numerous age-specific didactic courses.