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Wiki GLAM project of the Civic Museum

Among the Digital Expansions there is also a project born from the collaboration with Wikimedia Italia which is part of the same path undertaken on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Museum, but above all responding to the increasingly concrete need, since we are talking about a project that kicks off in 2020. , to keep the connection with the public as lively as possible, potentially even expanding it, in times of pandemics and lockdowns.

Wiki Glam is part of this path by allowing the Civic Museum to make digitized images, documents, publications available under a free license, a heritage that can henceforth be shared and used by the community.

"Accessibility" and "participation" are the key words on which the Museum has built the project.

The Museum was the leader of the project to which the Estense Gallery, Municipal Libraries, Civic Museums of Reggio Emilia, Ago - Cultural Factories and the Modena Foundation joined, in the early stages of its formation, which lasted from May to December 2020 and then renewed until summer of 2021.

With the help of the "Wikipedian in residence" Niccolò Caranti of Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso Transeuropa / Center for international cooperation, through practical and theoretical training meetings, the Staff started a completely new activity for the Museum, the creation and edit Wikipedia entries and content related to the institute's collections, as well as upload hundreds of images to Commons.

The work is in progress, an update on the items created or expanded by the Museum is available at this link:

On the Commons platform of Wikimedia, the Museum made available with free license CCBY-SA 4.0 high resolution photographs of the works in its possession: there are over 400 to date, and can be consulted in the Media category from Museo Civico di Modena

With the launch of the project, the Civic Museum promotes the reuse of these images and those that will be added to them, and puts the digital collections at the service of citizens.

During the implementation phases of the project, the Museum renewed its website by choosing to make a substantial change to the terms of use of the data published there and making it available under a CC BY-SA license.