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Giuseppe Graziosi Plaster Cast Gallery

The Giuseppe Graziosi Collection consists of works in the plaster cast gallery instituted in 1984, following the acquisition of a sizeable collection of the artist’s sculptures, paintings, engravings and drawings, donated by his heirs. Originally placed in the former “San Paolo” girl’s boarding school, in 1994 the gallery was moved to its current location on the ground floor of the Palazzo dei Musei.

The works on display make it possible to retrace the main phases of Graziosi’s multiform artistic journey, from his initial adherence to themes of social realism, to his expressive pursuits stimulated by seeing Rodin’s work in person, to his interest in farm life and its characters, one of the predominant themes in his work.


The graphic collection, arranged for viewing in chests of drawers, includes lithographs and etchings that span a significant time period and propose various themes with a variety of techniques that are a testament to his tireless desire to experiment with expressive capacities.

The Plaster Cast Gallery is the ideal starting point for a journey through the artist’s numerous works that are part of the city’s fabric