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Our educational services

The purpose of our educational services

The experiences we propose are created based on requests that come from schools and aim to make the cultural heritage on display and the contents of temporary exhibitions accessible to scholastic institutes of every level.

Educational activities are led by personnel who are experienced in relating to pupils, students and teachers. In addition to the experience at the Museum,

each activity is enhanced with preparatory and/or follow-up educational support. Each teacher is asked to complete a questionnaire to provide feedback about the experience in the Museum, in an effort to ensure satisfaction and help guide our staff.



The archaeology collections integrate the scholastic curriculum, by telling 300,000 years of Modena’s history, from the Paleolithic age to the threshold of the Middle Ages. This is done through tours both inside the Museum and also beyond its traditional confines, at places such as the Terramare di Montale Archeological Park and Novi Ark that have been physically reconstructed, or virtually, such as the Roman city, which can be explored thanks to the website

The activities are designed to combine the results of scientific research with the teaching of archaeology, using tools and methods adapted to the various school levels: each guided tour is enhanced with direct contact with artifacts, experiments, and play.

For more information about course details, contact Elena Righi at: - tel. 059 203 3127.



The ethnological collections offer schools a journey to a world that is both distant and immensely relevant today, that of the indigenous peoples of the Amazon, and help foster a deeper historical, geographical and anthropological understanding of and appreciation for the meeting of different cultures.

For more information about course details, contact Elena Righi at: - tel. 059 203 3127.



The offering consists of numerous educational activities, intended primarily for compulsory school, accompanied by support material (educational notebooks, handouts and multimedia products) for students and teachers, and of extra-scholastic educational initiatives for children and families. Although the activities for school groups are necessarily more structured to adhere to the ministerial curriculum, both types include a theoretical part, during which a particular work or object is observed, discussed and put into historical context in the Museum, and a hands-on activity, during which participants experiment with an artistic technique in the well-equipped educational workshop located on the ground floor of the Palazzo dei Musei.

Guided tours, games, experiments and workshops are led by experts and specialists. Course offerings are regularly updated and enriched, regarding both the materials and the methods that are used.

For more information about the various courses, contact Serena Roncaglia at: - tel. 059 203 3115.