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For internships and volunteer work

The Civic Museum is open to a variety of educational development opportunities and collaborates on didactic and research activities. The Museum welcomes requests for internships and apprenticeships and encourages the participation of volunteers and supporters, to whom the institute is grateful.

Internships and apprenticeships
The Museum welcomes students and recent graduates of Italian and foreign universities (availability may be limited based on space and activities). In order to do a curricular internship, an Erasmus internship or an apprenticeship, it is necessary to send a cover letter and CV to the Museum. If the application is accepted, an agreement between the student’s university and the Municipality of Modena is established.
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If the institute is temporarily unable to accept an application, the submitted CV will be evaluated and archived for possible future collaboration.

Volunteer work and associations
The Civic Museum supports volunteer participation in its activities, both by individuals and groups. In accordance with the ethical code of the ICOM, the Museum adopts a policy aimed at fostering cooperation between volunteers and Museum personnel and guarantees that volunteers are fully aware of the norms in cultural material and of the code itself.

Associations may request the Civic Museum’s collaboration on the organization of cultural initiatives and even the use of museum spaces.
Use of museum spaces form

The Museum has for years enjoyed the invaluable contribution of the Servizio Civile Volontario (Volunteer Civil Service), offering its young participants the opportunity to provide a service to the community and at the same time to develop skills in promoting cultural heritage. SCV projects are coordinated by the administrative offices of the Civic Museum.