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Flavio Favelli - Ciro Menotti 1928-1949

The mural work by Flavio Favelli, inaugurated at the opening of Festivalfilosofia, leads us to reflect on the relationship between history and memory

Flavio Favelli - Ciro Menotti 1928-1949
Curated by Serena Goldoni e Cristina Stefani

Inaugurated 17th September 2021
External wall of Palestra Panaro
via del Carso, Modena

 Falvio Favelli, invited by the Civic Museum of Modena to design a work connected to the theme of Festivafilosfia, Freedom, and to the figure of Ciro Menotti, creates a wall painting that moves away from a celebratory representation, presenting another "Ciro Menotti", the submarine of the Italian Royal Navy active from 1928 to 1949, emblematic of the deceptive appropriation by the fascist regime of heroes and patriots of the Risorgimento, symbol of the unity and freedom of the Italian state. The artist interprets it using the pictorial technique razzle dazzle, "trap", patented to camouflage the military ships of the First World War through simple black and white signs and experimented in the same years by the historical avant-gardes.